Pop Can Dispenser

Pop Can Dispenser

Product Information (About Pop Can Dispenser):

We’ve designed our roomy Can Dispenser to hold an entire 12-pack of drinks – others hold only ten cans. Since beverages are sold in packs of 6 or 12, our version is easily the most practical. (In Sub-Zero refrigerators, it could be necessary to adjust the spacing of their door shelves to accommodate the mill.)

Review :

Fantastic Dispenser

I’d like to get my soda cans all around the fridge. I could never find them one of the other things inside. After a while, I just stopped having cold soda altogether. I found this useful item about a month ago and ever since, I have had the cold drink! It’s effortless to fill that you could mix up whatever you desire.
I recommend filling the bottom first and then the top as the cans occasionally get off course and fall through the floor.

Perfect Economical Soda Storage

These racks are an efficient use of the room to keep soda cold in the fridge. I don’t understand why other brands don’t design for 12 headphones similar to this one does…it just make sense to store in quantities of 6 since that is how soda is marketed. This will hold a 1/2 situation correctly with no stray leftovers.

Works Flawlessly

When it comes to the art of holding pop cans in a refrigerator, this baby takes the cake. I was a little concerned as to its functionality, given that the symmetrical layout of soda cans was done away with, providing me fear that this wouldn’t function to its fullest capability, but whew, was I wrong! I got a 12 pack of [REDACTED FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS] at [REDACTED FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS] and managed to put them inside the organizer with no issue! Highly recommended to anyone who is lazy enough to only leave the pop on the counter rather than putting it in the refrigerator!