Country Life Praha: Comfortable and Healthy Lifestyle

Praha cityWhat is country life Praha all about? Prague, the capital and biggest city of the Czech Republic, is a fusion of history, economic hub and beautiful cultural attractions. It is the fifth-most visited city in Europe. Prague gets more than four million tourists every year. It has already been ranked number five in the best destinations worldwide in 2014.

Country Life Praha typifies healthy living. You can find this old store at the heart of the city that offers wholesome organic food products which include bread, fruits and veggies. There are also cleaning products which are also organic as well as reading materials.  There is also a restaurant and natural cosmetics retail outlet in the yard.

PrahaCountry Life Praha opened its doors to the public in 1991. More than 20 years ago, there was no wholesale health food shop in the Czech Republic. It was a combination of organic store, farm and bakery from the year it opened until 1997 when it put up a restaurant. In 2003, Country Life relocated to a small rural community which is 10 miles from the city. This is the venue for the Organic Harvest Festival held each year for past decade.

Today, Country Life Praha epitomizes a combination of restaurants, wholesale vendors of business supplies, huge chain outlet, and food manufacturers. Meanwhile, the bakery continues to bake bread made from cereal grains and hard wheat. All these products belong to the organic variety. Its restaurant in the business district of Prague serves a maximum of 500 patrons daily. Many are regular customers.

If you are a steak lover, then steak house Praha will certainly prove to be very appetizing. There are various restaurants in Prague that serve some of the most succulent steaks and other delicious beef recipes. Diners can choose from a wide variety of delectable prime beef cuts and other meat dishes. Restaurants are comfortable and spacious with good customer service. You can also order vintage wines, beer, cocktails, and alcoholic beverages.

Steak house PrahaSteak house Praha serves fresh beef sourced from premium domestic suppliers.  You are assured of high-quality meat cooked direct from the grill or other methods. You can enjoy the well-known filet mignon which is the small and squashy boneless steak from the tenderloin. This particular beef cut is the favorite of numerous nationalities including Czechs. It is the most scrumptious part with very soft texture and minimal fat content. There are popular steak dishes that diners can relish such as Prime Rib, Wagyu Fillet and Aberdeen Angus Strip Steak.

Chefs at Steak house Praha have impressive credentials. These culinary experts also have extensive experience in cooking tender and delicious steaks. In addition, the ingredients and spices are definitely of high-quality. For those who wish to take pleasure in fine dining and entertainment, you can listen to live music played by bands on weekends. This is an added attraction for those who cherish good food and first-class entertainment.

This is basically the kind of lifestyle that you can delight in if you are a tourist who chooses to dine at Steak house Praha. You surely cannot ask for more.

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